Who Is Jordan… Afternoons On Peoria’s 92.3?

The A-B-C’s of Wes Jordan:
A- Apple – my favorite cereal bar. I eat one every morning
B- Baseball – It’s Americas favorite past time.
C- Cubs – My favorite professional sports team.
D- DJ – Not only my favorite “Fuller House” character, but my hobbie
E- Exercise – I don’t do it enough.
F- Funny – I love a good stand-up comedian
G- Gee, this is fun it’s it?
H- Hair – I still have all of mine!
I- Iowa – State where I was born. GO HAWKS!
J- Jenga – My favorite game to play
K- Kiss – The Hottest Band In The World!
L- Lauryn – My mini-me
M- Music – I’m a huge music nerd. I have over 15,000 CD’s
N- Nerd as in “Radio Nerd” aka my career is my hobby
O- Obsessed with eating healthy even though my sweet tooth wins a lot
P- Pizza – All meat from a local mom and pop pizzeria.
Q – “Quit looking at me swan!”
R- Ride – 2016 Dodge Journey. Can you say “ROAD TRIP!”
S- Star Wars – My favorite film franchise
T- Thank you – Thanks for supporting me
U- Underdog – I’ve always been one. Also a pretty good cartoon
V- Velveeta – I love cheese
W- Walks – A long 4 mile walk the river
X- Does anybody have anything for this letter, really??
Y- Yellow – My least favorite color, unless it’s a banana.
Z- Zupa – My lunch order at Olive Garden.