Supplement Superstores, Brian & The Morning Grind Join Up For Summertime Bod Needs

Brian & The Morning Grind stopped in to welcome Supplement Superstores to Peoria a couple months back, how did your summer bod take shape?

On the struggle bus? So was Brian  @RedHotBrianScott

Mention him & the 213 Supplement & save 25% during June!

When Brian & The Morning Grind started taking the new 213 product, we were all excited to see results.  Lots have been listening to his journey at Red Hot Brian Scott the socials!

If you’ve heard him talking about it the last few weeks, that’s why!

Stop in & meet the crew at Supplement Superstores NOW OPEN on Sterling Avenue, next to Portillo’s. We got to experience the store just this past week before they were officially open & let me tell ya, these guys are on another level when it comes to customer service & putting YOU first. Every single staff member is certified in sports nutrition & weight loss & where my summer goals are headed!

The team at Supplement Superstores are all Sports Nutrition Specialists and they definitely know their stuff! Not pushy, super knowledgeable, and the prices here are awesome!

If you’re a little nervous about coming into a nutrition store, don’t be. These guys AND GALS are incredibly friendly and work with people of all shapes and sizes with different goals. The really specialize in Weight-Loss.

We LOVE that  Supplement Superstores is a small company that was started on the idea that a handshake, great advice, and solid prices were the foundation to success.

Our suggestion…. If you’re buying your nutrition supplements online or from a big box store, definitely give S2 a try! They have an incredible selection, prices at or better than the internet, and a staff that can answer any question you might have

Brian & The Morning Grind just started taking the new product and excited to see results. Keep you updated on my journey at Red Hot Brian Scott the socials!