Wonky Willy Wonka Experience+ More! Brian & The Morning Grind Show!

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 Willy Wonk-less!

For all the concerns about A.I., one thing that we all have to remember is this:  It doesn’t take a lot of effort . . . to make it SEEM like there’s a lot of effort. There was something called “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” . It cost $45 per person, and it was advertised as an immersive walk-through experience that made you feel like you were in Willy Wonka’s factory. The images they used to promote it looked lush with lighting and design . . . like something you’d see at Disney.  But those were apparently just A.I.

When parents and children actually arrived, it was a mostly empty warehouse . . . with a few props sitting around that looked like stuff from parade floats. The “experience” was less than 10 minutes long, and didn’t feature any candy . . . let alone any décor or “immersive” interaction. One person gave this review, “Underwhelming was an understatement.  Embarrassing doesn’t even cut it.  I paid for Willy Wonka and got Billy Bonkers.”

We found these pictures of the “experience” and they are epic, look here  at what people THOUGHT they were getting, and you can see the reality herehere, and here.)