Hot New Trend, Tattoos At Weddings?

There you sit at the reception table, with your fresh new wedding tattoo to celebrate…someone elses wedding? People used to regret the tattoo they got on spring break.   Tattoos are the hot new party favor to offer at your wedding.  People are hiring them as vendors, so guests can get inked during the reception. The idea is to give people a permanent memento to remember your wedding by.  

A wedding photographer in Kansas posted a video last week after a client hired a tattoo artist for their cocktail hour.  (Here’s the video.)

They weren’t free.  You had to pay a set price of $60.  And they weren’t offering full sleeves, just simple outline tattoos. 

Some people think it’s a cute idea.  Others think it’s weird . . . maybe unsanitary . . . and it would be awkward if none of your guests wanted one.

Either way, most seem to agree doing it EARLY in the reception is the way to go.  Don’t have tattoos available once everyone’s drunk.