Magic Brownies For Seniors, Gen X Museum in Springfield + More

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The Gen X Museum

Generation X’s “cool” cred has been bleeding out for YEARS now, and this is probably the last nail in the coffin:  Gen X is now old enough to get their own museum. In October, the Illinois State Museum in Springfield will open an exhibition called “Growing Up X,” and it’ll be dedicated to “the last generation to have had an analog childhood.”  You know, cassettes, VHS tapes, and landline phones. There aren’t any further details on the exhibit, but Generation Xers are invited to complete an online survey about their experiences growing up . . . and to loan the exhibition items from that era.  So go dig out your old Trapper Keepers!

Magic Retirement Home Brownies

46-year-old Michael Koranda works as an elementary school music teacher in South Dakota, and lives with his 73-year-old mom, Irene.  Last Monday night, he made a big pan of brownies before bed.  Then Irene found them the next morning, and decided to take them to a card game at her local senior center.  But what Irene didn’t realize was . . . they were very strong POT brownies.  Michael had just gotten back from a trip to Colorado, where he picked up a bunch of THC butter.  And he cooked HALF-A-POUND of it into the brownies.  911 started getting calls around 8:00 P.M. that night about multiple seniors who said they’d been POISONED.  It turned out they were just really high.  Recreational marijuana is still illegal in South Dakota.  So police figured out what happened, showed up at Michael’s school the next day, and arrested him. He’s facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, which is a felony.  He could face up to FIVE YEARS in jail, plus a $10,000 fine.  (KTIV / The Smoking Gun)  (Here’s a photo of him.)

Dating in 2022 Terms

 The dating site Plenty of Fish just put out a fun list of new dating trends they expect to see in 2022, and they came up with names for all of them.  They polled 7,000 single people, and say these are all dating trends that are already happening . . .

1.  Communidating:  Using dating apps not just for dating and intimate relationships, but also to make friends and connections.

2.  Déjà vu-ing:  Doing the same things with a new partner that you did with your ex.

3.  Handticipation:  Being unsure about the physical boundaries that are acceptable, like whether to hug, shake hands, or fist bump your date.

4.  Hesidating:  Being unsure if you want to date seriously or casually, because life is so weird and uncertain right now.

5.  Resigning:  Ending a serious relationship due to perspective and clarity gained through the pandemic.

6.  Darwining:  Refusing to date someone who doesn’t believe in science.  A third of single people say they know someone who’s done it.

7.  Baecations:  Taking someone you  just started dating on vacation, because YOLO.

Avoid Inappropriate Party Blunders

 If you want to wear a Halloween costume to work, tomorrow’s the day to do it.  Just make sure you don’t pick a costume that could get you FIRED. One in seven people say they’ve seen a coworker wear an inappropriate costume to work before.  The most common ones include political costumes, and anything that shows too much skin. Here are a few quick stats on office Halloween parties . . .

1.  57% say their company will celebrate Halloween in one way or another this year.

2.  77% of employees say they enjoy office Halloween parties.  23% hate them.

3.  Whether there’s a party or not, one in three people plan on dressing up for work.

4.  36% expect some of their coworkers to dress up too.

5.  27% think their boss will probably wear a costume this year. 

Here’s What It Looks Like When You Bump Into Jay Z

Living Slow Is Finally Catching On!

It’s as though being “busy” automatically mean you’re successful . . . popular . . . productive . . . and driven.  But perhaps some of those people are ACTUALLY tired and on the brink of burning out.  That could be why the concept of “slow living” is starting to pick up steam as something good.  There are more than 3.5 million posts for #TheArtOfSlowLiving on Instagram, and things like self-care, “me-time,” and saying “no” to invites are now being celebrated on social media.  “Slow living” fans argue life is better when you can appreciate things as they happen . . . rather than manically ticking things off your to-do list.

It’s unclear if the pandemic had an impact on this becoming a thing.  But it definitely forced people to spend more time at home . . . and it cut back on the running around that many people did in their pre-pandemic hustle.

SUPERMAN is coming out as BISEXUAL in the comics.  This Superman is Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  In the November 9th issue, he becomes romantically involved with a college friend.  

DAVID ARQUETTE recently bought the rights to BOZO THE CLOWN, and he has big plans.  He says, quote, “You have to kind of think of it as ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’.”  So, a BOZO-VERSE.

Netflix says it’s not scrapping DAVE CHAPPELLE’s new special, “The Closer”, even though it offended trans people.  They said they don’t believe the show was designed to, quote, “incite hate or violence.” 

 During a SMASH MOUTH gig this weekend, STEVE HARWELL was wasted.  He was mumbling, swearing at the crowd, dropping drinks, and even gave a Nazi salute.  Steve recently missed a few gigs due to heart issues. 

Of all the people you WOULDN’T want to look like.  There’s a guy on TikTok with the handle @notbrianlaundrie who keeps being mistaken for Brian Laundrie.  That’s the guy who everyone has been looking for since his girlfriend Gabby Petito was found murdered.  (Here he is talking about when he first found out who Brian Laundrie is.)

Earlier this month, people were complaining on Reddit about things that USED to be great, but suck now . . . like YouTube before it had ads, and thrift stores before they got trendy and picked over.  Then that Reddit thread went viral, so now even MORE things have been added.  Here are a few good ones . . .

1.  Concerts, because they used to be a lot cheaper.  You could see major bands for 30 bucks.  Now you can easily pay five times that for a decent seat.

2.  Films.  The writing sucks, and all the money goes to remakes and Marvel movies.

3.  Make-up.  It used to be fairly simple.  Now social media makes it seem like you need a hundred different primers, creams, and contouring tools.

4.  Fast food.  It’s never been good for you, but it’s even more unhealthy now.  A report just last week also said drive-thrus have gotten slower and less accurate.

5.  The news in general.  It seems like there’s more bad news than ever.  And everything’s sensationalized, like it’s the end of the world.

6.  Theme parks.  They’re insanely crowded and expensive now.  In 1981, a one-day pass to Disney World was $9.50.  Adjusted for inflation, that’s about $29 today . . . but the actual price in 2021 is $109 to $159, depending on when you go.