How Long Does It Take To Make A Major Purchase On-line?

Hey!  It’s Jordan! A lot of us are doing on-line shopping right now, and it sorta makes sense. I personally like to see what I’m buying and be able to physically see it. I refuse to buy clothing on-line (unless I absolutely have to).

A new survey took a look at how long it actually takes to make a on-line purchase. I was shocked. The average from start to finish is 3 hours and 5 minutes! They have got to be kidding? Nope, the weren’t. The survey breaks down into SEVEN stages like this:

1.  Deciding whether or not you actually need something . . . 35 minutes.

2.  Searching different sites for the product you want . . . 33 minutes.

3.  Reading reviews and recommendations . . . 29 minutes.  The average person said they wouldn’t buy something if it had less than 3.4 stars out of 5.

4.  Comparing products and narrowing it down to a specific brand . . . 31 minutes.

5.  Sharing links and asking for advice from friends or family . . . 14 minutes.

6.  Finally deciding on something and putting it in your cart . . . 19 minutes.

7.  The actual purchase . . . another 24 minutes before you finally pull the trigger.

The couple of times I’ve done on-line shopping, I’m pretty sure I wore out the carpet in my living-room from the pacing and trying to make the final decision. It’s easier in a store. I just go for a walk and think it through. And with the holidays coming up…I mean if you want a easy way to work off the Covid 15, there’s how.